Hannah and her husband lived separately and he appointed himself a lawyer who sent her a request to divide up the property. She contacted us in a panic as she did not understand the process. We explained the divorce process to her, including her social and pension rights which enabled her to go and appoint her own lawyer and feel in control of the divorce process.

Rotem and her former husband have two daughters. Rotem had a very difficult year, losing both her sister and mother which left Rotem in a devastated state. This was followed by her husband filing for divorce, leaving Rotem stranded outside her home in a strange city, far away from her family, with no one to support her. In despair, she left the place of residence and returned to her parents. Social welfare assessments did not come out in Rotem’s favor, which led the rabbinical court decision that the girls would be in the father’s custody. Since then, Rotem rehabilitated, established her own business and began a long and tedious struggle to regain custody of her daughters. She contacted the Center through the legal aid hotline and we agreed to take the case. In the past year we made great progress and the court recently ruled that the mother will have temporary custody over her daughters and that the court will re-examine the situation in six months. Finally, Rotem will have her daughters living under her roof and she will be able to properly care for them.

Hotline Feedback from our client, Avigayil
“I wanted to thank you for the advice I received via The Rackman Center’s Legal Aid Hotline. I was put in touch with a lawyer who helped me greatly. She spoke to me almost every day, once even until midnight. If it weren’t for her I would have signed the agreement that my husband had put forward and I would have regretted it forever. She added many clauses to the agreement and she turned one and a half pages into ten and ensured that I was in a far better position in the divorce. She checked over the final draft of the agreement and we were both able to sign it. I cannot thank the Rackman Center enough for the referral. I can now get on with my life with the rights I deserve. Thank you!”