• The Rackman Center is very proud to be an active and prominent member of the ICAR Coalition which fights for Agunah rights (women who are being refused their Get). We participate in ICAR Committees and often host meetings on the relevant topics. Together with fellow ICAR members, the following are some examples of what we are fighting for:
    ICAR drafted a bill to cancel the race for jurisdiction and submitted it to the Knesset in 2013. Following the proposal, the Minister of Justice set up an expert committee, in which Prof Halperin-Kaddari is a member, to formulate recommendations to resolve the problem. Rabbinical Judges boycotted the committee and refused to appear before it. ICAR called on the Minister of Justice to cancel the race for jurisdiction immediately .
  • ICAR continues to work towards ensuring that the appointment of rabbinical judges meets the criteria in the law. It is critical to improve the selection process of judges in order to gain public confidence in the system. We are also fighting for women to serve on the selection committee. ICAR drafted a law that a minimum of two women would be committee members. We obtained sponsorship from MKs from both the coalition and the opposition, including orthodox MKs. This law passed the ministerial legislative committee and received government approval but was later blocked by Shas. Though there are many obstacles, we will continue to fight towards the passing of this important law.

ICAR has put together a new web site http://www.hatuna.org.il/ for Agunah Day. The website provides information to young couples about the choices they have regarding the way they decide to marry and the implications of their choice. The site also encourages couples to sign prenuptial agreements. On Agunah Day flyers were passed out to raise awareness on the issue and also publicize the website.