The Center is at the forefront of legal and social change for women in family law in Israel.

# We identify flaws in the legal system and inequalities in society and invest great efforts in changing them.

# We fight against the daily struggles women face in family and rabbinical courts by appealing to the High Court , submitting bills to pass new laws and submitting regulations to existing laws.

# We run a free legal aid hotline and offer free legal representation to those in financial straits.

# We train 20 exemplary law students in the intricacies of Family Law

# We are responsible for the unprecedented initiative of publishing and disseminating Rabbinical Court decisions that would otherwise remain unpublished and inaccessible to the public, and for publishing the biannual statistical report, “Women and Family in Israel”.

# With the benefit of our academic setting we organize annual Conferences on relevant topics such as child maintenance and custody, domestic violence and legal aid to women in the sphere of family law.