1dcb1d_171e0167ac0b4cceb6c6c3fe5b4ec1b0The clinic holds a support group for women who have gone through divorce or are in the divorce process. Group meetings are organized in conjunction with The School of Social Work at Bar Ilan University, and include qualified social workers. Meetings are once a week for an hour and a half.

The project provides emotional and social support for women undergoing a divorce. The support group offers assistance and tools for women rebuilding families, careers and lives. We believe that the two components – legal advice and emotional support – complement each other and are equally crucial in helping women in need.

Feedback from the social workers
“Our goal with this group is to unite women who are going through the divorce process and provide them with a platform to discuss their feelings, to get support from other women and realize that they are not alone. Divorce is an extremely difficult process and women often feel isolated. The support group provides a place for them to share their problems, empower one in other and to learn to cope. We help the women articulate their needs so that they can work better with the lawyers and ensure they are receiving the aid that they need. We hope to continue working together with the Rackman Center in joint projects in the future.”