An Emergency Knesset Session on Women in Israel

The Rackman Center participated, together with other women’s organizations, in an emergency session held in the Knesset on the issue of women in Israel. The conference was initiated by MK Sharon Nir.

As an organization that promotes legal equality in the field of family law, it is important for us to emphasize three points:

  • Religious marriage subjects women to an unequal system. Until there is equal civil law in matters of personal status, until we do allow women to leave a relationship without the approval of the husband, until we guarantee that women and children will have something to live on after the divorce – there will be no gender equality in Israel.
  • There are huge deficiencies in legislation and procedures in the field of domestic violence. There is no definition in the law of domestic violence, no recognition of all types of violence, no recognition that children exposed to violence are harmed by it and are also victims. There is no obligation to consider violence on the part of a parent when determining custody, there are no procedures in welfare and the Ministry of Justice to deal with allegations of domestic violence, and the Electronic Monitoring bill still needs to be promoted.
  • The religious establishment is run today by an absolute male majority. The inclusion of women in central positions in religious life, in the rabbinic courts and at the management level of the Ministry of Religion will help clarify discriminatory perceptions towards women and create substantial equality for women.

The Rackman Center was represented at the session by Adv. Avishag Uzrad, Director of our Ruth and Bruce Rappaport Advocacy and Legislative Unit.



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