Statistical Bi Annual Report

A statistical Biannual about women and family in Israel, published by The Ruth and Emanuel Rackman Center as part of Bar-Ilan University’s Faculty of Law. The purpose of this report is to group together all the existing data in various aspects of women and family, in order to allow for as broad a layout as possible and thereby illuminate one of the most significant areas for women in Israel. This publication is dedicated to women in the family, and to the connection between women and family. The family frame was and still is a key factor, if not the main factor, in shaping women’s status. The institution of the family in its various aspects affects the reality of women’s lives more than any other social institution. Hence, it is of great importance to bring all the basic data in this field in a comprehensive, in-depth, and yet accessible to all way.

For the report summary in English, see pages 209-225. For the full report in Hebrew, see pages 17-201.