HaDin VeHadayan

HaDin VeHadayan is an exclusive and unique publication which is intended to regularly publish rabbinical judgments on family matters.

Judgments are presented in full or in summary, and they focus on the area of divorce and related issues. In exceptional cases, judgments of civil courts, which directly relate to the issue of divorce, are also presented.

The judicial activity of the rabbinical courts touches on one of the most significant areas of life for an individual – “relationship and family.” The ability to know and study the decisions of the rabbinical courts on these matters allows the litigants, and all those engaged in the field, to study in depth the legal situations and analyze them, and even to understand and defend their legal rights.

This publication is the initiative of the Ruth and Emanuel Rackman Center for the

Advancement of Women’s Status and was made possible thanks to the generous support of Esther and Adv. Romie Tager QC from London, UK.

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