Legal Aid

Women and Family Law Legal Aid Program

The Women and Family Law Legal Aid Program provides quality personal legal aid to women on matters of family law (divorce, refusals to grant Jewish divorce (get), child-support, custody, division of property and related matters), either through full legal representation or through initial telephone consultation through the helpline.

The program includes a legal aid clinic, which is designed to train the next generation of family law attorneys to be committed to promoting women and advancing gender equality.

Legal representation is only provided to a limited number of women, based on the Center’s limited resources. Representation is provided pro bono, with the exception of the fees and expenses involved in handling the case. Initial legal consultation is provided to all women free of charge.

The Women and Family Law Legal Aid Clinic


Prof. Ruth Halperin-Kaddari – Academic Supervisor;

Adv. Yossi Mendelson – Professional Supervisor;

Adv. Hila Ohayon-Gliksman – Program Director.

This clinic is one of the multiple clinics run by the Faculty of Law. The clinic trains students in family law, based on the values of gender and social justice. The students who work at the clinic assist the women who are represented by  the Center with their cases – starting with the initial meetings with the women to negotiations and filing of pleadings to the proceedings in the various legal instances. The students also attend lectures on practical and theoretical aspects related to representation of women in matters of family law and participate in a project for writing bills on issues related to family law.

The Helpline

Helpline Director: Adv. Galia Goldner

As part of the Legal Aid Program, the Rackman Center operates a family law helpline for women.

Women can be reach us by calling 03-5318895 or write to us using the Contact us page.

The assistance is given through a two-stage process. In the first stage, an initial response is provided by the Helpline Coordinator, who gathers the most basic information. In the second stage, the women will be referred for a telephone consultation provided by a professional legal team made up of the Center’s lawyers along with volunteer lawyers.

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