Emotional Assistance

Divorce creates massive emotional upheaval in a woman’s life, due to the loss of her partner and the need to adapt emotionally and practically to the changes in her family structure and income. Based on the belief that this process can lead to important personal and family growth, the Rackman Center operates several programs that provide emotional support to women who are in the process of divorce: 

Short-term emotional therapy provided by MSW students, support groups, “A Woman by Your Side” – support provided by a volunteer once a week.

Individual short-term therapy – individual emotional support provided by MSW students. Weekly therapy sessions are provided at Bar-Ilan University over a seven-month period.

Support group – a short-term group that meets at Bar-Ilan University. The 12 weekly sessions are run by a certified group facilitator. The group serves as a support network and allows the women, who are at various stages of the divorce process, to share their experiences.

“A Woman by Your Side” – a project that offers a weekly support session provided by a volunteer, either over the phone or face to face. All project volunteers have been trained to provide emotional support and empowerment to the women who contact the Center.

To participate in one of the emotional assistance programs, please call 03-5318895 or write to us.


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