Legal achievement – Israel’s High Court of Justice confirmed the Rabbinical Court’s authority to discuss the matter of gett refusal between a Jewish couple from Great Britain in order to free an aguna

In a legal achievement for the Rackman Center, together with the organization, ‘Yad La’Isha’, the High Court of Justice confirmed that matters of gett refusal and agunot between a Jewish couple who are non-Israeli citizens falls within the jurisdiction of the rabbinical courts of Israel (Amendment 4b1). On May 7, 2023, the High Court rejected […]


The Rackman Center’s Founding Academic Director, Prof. Ruth Halperin-Kaddari, has appeared in many international news outlets covering the expected impact on women’s rights resulting from Israel’s new government’s proposed policies to overhaul the judicial system and to expand the jurisdiction of the rabbinical courts. Links to examples of these articles can be found here: Newsweek, […]

Rabbinical court deprives a woman of her share of the house due to accusations of infidelity

Rackman Center attorneys Shay Zilberberg and Adi Raz representing the woman (pro bono) in additional supreme court hearing scheduled for March 2020. In the rabbinical court system, the principle of equal apportionment of property between the parties plays no role and allegations of infidelity override other claims. The Rackman Center’s basic argument is that if […]