Ministry of justice promotes Israel’s accession to the Istanbul Convention

Following 4 years of strenuous activity by the Rackman Center with the Ministry of Justice to promote Israel’s accession to the Council of Europe Convention on the Prevention and Combating of Violence against Women (Istanbul Convention) – Justice Minister Gideon Saar instructed Foreign Minister Yair Lapid to apply to Israel Invitation to join the Convention. […]

Women officiating marriage ceremonies –High Court petition

Last week (October 18, 2021), we petitioned the High Court, together with Rabba Dr. Anat Sharbat, and Rabba Batya Jacobs. In the petition, we asked the Chief Rabbinate and the Ministry of Religious Services to explain why women are not allowed to officiate marriage ceremonies for Jewish couples who choose to get married through the […]

electronic supervision of a person against whom a protection order has been issued

We are pleased that the bills for the electronic supervision of a person against whom a protection order has been issued (by MK Yurai Lahav-Herzno and by MK Aida Toma-Suleiman) have won government support in the Ministerial Committee on Legislative Affairs and welcome their approval in a preliminary reading by the Knesset. The Rackman Center […]

The Law and its Decisor (Hadin Ve’haDayan) issue 58 now available

The Law and its Decisor (Hadin Ve’haDayan) is an exclusive and unique publication of The Rackman Center that regularly publishes rabbinical judgments on family issues. Judgments are presented in full or in summary, and they focus on the area of divorce and related issues. In exceptional cases, judgments of civil courts, which directly relate to […]

Rackman Center new year activity orientation day

In preparation for the new school year, we held, at The Rackman Center, an orientation day for students of the  Clinic for Legal Aid for Women in Family Matters, students in psychotherapy and coaching and for group facilitators who accompany and support women who are in separation and divorce proceedings. The head of the center, […]

A Special Dedication – The Aaron & Marie Blackman Hall

On Sept. 1, 2021, the Rackman Center and Bar Ilan University had the privilege of dedicating our new office space – The Aaron & Marie Blackman Hall – in the presence of representatives from the Aaron & Marie Blackman Foundation. We were honored to be addressed by Ms. Liz Landers, representative of the Foundation and […]

Petition to the Israeli High Court of Justice: Ministry of Religious Affairs neglecting its duty to ensure adequate representation for women in religious councils

It has been five years since the Attorney General ordered the Ministry of Religious Affairs to ensure adequate gender representation for women in religious councils and in their senior management postings, yet the ministry and the minister in charge continue to choose to ignore the adequate representation demand. A survey conducted by religious freedom- and […]


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