Woman Tapped as Judicial Assistant in Israeli Rabbinic Court

In First, Woman Tapped as Judicial Assistant in Israeli Rabbinic Court

For the first time ever, a woman has been appointed to serve as a judicial assistant in an Israeli rabbinic court. The post, to which attorney Shira Ben-Eli was appointed, is considered to be among the most senior ones in the rabbinical court system, and involves close contact with its decision-making processes.

The announcement was conveyed by the rabbinical courts administration and the Civil Service Commission to the Jerusalem District Labor Court, on Sunday.

The fight to allow women to serve in this role has been underway for more than a decade. In 2015, Bar-Ilan University’s Rackman Center for the Advancement of Women’s Status and ITIM filed for a restraining order against the Civil Service Commission and the rabbinical courts administration, for discriminating against women by preventing them from becoming judicial assistants in the courts.”

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