The Tager International Confernece – Lectures available with English/Hebrew/Arabic subtitles

We are glad to inform  that some of the Tager International Conference – Feminism in the Abrahamic Religions lectures are now available for viewing with English, Hebrew and Arabic subtitles.

The lectures are:

Feminism in the Abrahamic Religions – the Founding Mothers

Prof. Tamar Ross – The Jewish Perspective

Prof. amina wadod – The Muslim Perspective

Prof. Elizabeth Schussler Fiorenza – The Christian Perspective

Legal Dilemmas in Religious Feminism – A View from the Bench – The Right Hon. the Baroness (Brenda) Hale of Richmond (Former President of the United Kingdom Supreme Court)

Watch The Tager International Conference Lectures  on Rackman Center’s Youtube Cahnnel. 



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