The Rackman Center, together with 80 other women’s organizations, issued a harsh letter to UN WOMEN, in response to their statement of 13.10.23 that failed to reference the atrocities committed by Hamas in Israel.

UN Women is an international body that must stand by women wherever they are – regardless of ethnic, national or religious background.

It is unthinkable and unacceptable for a UN agency responsible for women’s rights to ignore the abduction of women, babies, girls, children and men from their homes, as well as the other serious war crimes committed against women and children and the murder of over a thousand innocent civilians.

We strongly urge UN WOMEN and all other human rights organizations to condemn the brutal attack and the atrocities committed by Hamas in Israel and the kidnapping of innocent hostages. We expect them to act urgently to protect the special humanitarian rights of women and children, and to do everything in their power to expose, document and recognize in these horrific acts of violence against women and girls and to bring about the immediate release of all hostages.


Please see here for the full letter.

photo: Yossi Zamir, Shatil Stock



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