Grant from the Genesis (Bereshit) Prize Fund

The Rackman Center for the Advancement of the Status of Women is proud to announce that we have been awarded a grant fro

m the Genesis (Bereshit) Prize and the Kahn Foundation towards women’s empowerment and gender equality in Israel.
The grant was given to our “Woman by Your Side” project – providing emotional and legal support for women going through divorce.

The project is designed to strengthen women emotionally as they go through the separation process, alongside legal assistance provided at the Rackman Center – free of charge.
In addition, the project’s fully trained volunteers accompany women individually and in short-term support groups. The volunteers are the listening ear for these women, informing them of their rights from institutional bodies and the third sector, and accompany the women at legal proceedings alongside their lawyer.

The Bereshit Prize is intended to recognize individuals who are outstanding and world-renowned in their fields and whose actions, in addition to their achievements, embody commitment to Jewish values, the community and the State of Israel.
Of the 220 applications submitted to Matan – Investors in the Community, which ran the competition, 37 were chosen to receive the prize, and to our delight, the Rackman Center was among them.

Attached is a video about our activities, which we will be able to continue with this grant over the next two years.

Wishing you a year of meaningful and fruitful work for all of our partners in the Genesis Prize!



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