June 2013


Grave importance: A new development pertaining to the coalition negotiations, a major achievement for the Rackman Center at risk.

Benyamin Netanyahu is now at the negotiating table with two ultra-orthodox parties, Shas and United Torah Judaism.  These parties have demands that are detrimental to the status of women in Israel. 

In June 2013, Knesset Members Dr. Aliza Lavi, Shuli Muallem, and Zehava Gal-On, together with the Rackman Center were successful in passing “The Law of Rabbinical Judges” which ensures the inclusion of women on the selection committee of Rabbinical judges. These Rabbinical judges play a crucial role in the outcome of Rabbinical court cases. These cases are of upmost importance because Marriage and divorce of Jewish Israeli citizens, secular and observant, are under the sole authority of the Rabbinical courts.

The ultra-orthodox parties are attempting to reverse this law. Women cannot be Rabbinical judges. Therefore it is crucial to ensure their effective involvement and influence in the process of selecting these Rabbinical judges. 


To read more about the issue in an article in  “The Jerusalem Post”.

18th May 2015 The Rackman Center celebrated its Bat Mitzvah with a reception and special candle lighting ceremony. We were honored to hear Blu Greenberg, founding mother of orthodox feminism, speak to a full auditorium on the occasion of her receiving an honorary doctorate from Bar Ilan University.



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