As highlighted in a Jerusalem Post article, the exhibition “Body Text: Feminist Art in Diverse Religio-Cultural Spheres in Israel” was organized by curator, art scholar and critic Dr. David Sperber and artist, curator, film director and producer Nurit Jacobs-Yinon. The two selected paintings, installations, video works and photographs created by female artists raised in three Abrahamic religions. The different works, Sperber and Jacobs-Yinon claim in their curatorial text, are creations of “defiance and complex inversions that seek to subvert… hierarchies”.

The virtual exhibition was launched in tandem with an international academic confab, the Tager International Conference on Feminism in the Abrahamic Religions. The symposium is hosted by the Rackman Center, operating within the Faculty of Law of Bar-Ilan University, and in conjunction with the Program for Gender Studies at Bar-Ilan University as well as the Center for the Study of Relations between Jews, Christians and Muslims of the Open University of Israel.

‘Body Text: Feminist Art in Diverse Religio-Cultural Spheres in Israel’ can be seen at https://art2021.rackmancenter.com. The exhibiting artists are: Hannan Abu-Hussein, Fatma Abu-Roumi, Raida Adon, Andi Arnovitz, Itzik Badash, Nechama Golan, Doris Hakim, Shula Keshet, Yara Kassem Mahajena, Ruth Schreiber, Yael Serlin, Dafna Shalom and Amira Ziyan.

Read The Jerusalem Post article on the “Body Text”, co-hosted by Rackman Center.




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