seminar in Macedonia on immigration and refugees

Last week, Dr. Galit Shaul, Director of the Rackman Center, participated in a seminar in Macedonia on immigration and refugees. The group met with many local leaders, including the President of Macedonia, DrDjorga Ivanov the Minister of Culture (see photo). Robert Alagjozovski , the Mayor of Ochrid, Dr Nikola Bakracheski,

and other ministers. The issue of immigration and refugee status is a complex issue and creates difficult problems for immigrants and refugees, including women and families.

Here is a case example from our legal aid clinic:

The Rackman Center recently dealt with the case of a foreign migrant worker, whose ex-spouse snatched their child from her and for more than two months did not allow her to see the child. According to the opinion of a social worker who knew the family, the best interest of the child was to return the minor to the mother, but because she was a foreign worker she had no one to turn to in order to exercise her legal rights.

Adv. Osnat Prinz of the Rackman Center represented the woman and filed a claim for custody in the family court. The court ruled custody to the mother and the minor returned to live with her mother with established arrangements for seeing the father.



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