Itim, in cooperation with the Rackman Center

Itim, in cooperation with the Rackman Center and the Center for Women’s Justice, filed a petition with the Supreme Court regarding the regulations requiring ‘Clarification of Judaism’ Regulations, which allow the Rabbinical courts to initiate investigation proceedings whether a person is indeed a jew into their

‘Jewishness’ against third parties who have not even applied to the Rabbinical court. As a result of the proceedings those third parties can be added to the “black lists” of the Rabbinical courts. and The proceedings can even result in changing the religion clause in the population registry of these people.



Thus, for example, these regulations enable a person who, in the context of a divorce proceeding, makes a claim against the Jewishness of his spouse, which can then result in the her entire family needing to come to the Rabbinical court to prove their Jewishness. If they refuse to go to court, they will be placed on the list of “clear claims of Judaism requires clarifications of Judaism ” or alternatively, the list of “delayed detainee unable to be married” despite never approaching the rabbinical court themselves. We believe that this conduct is a violation of the authority granted to the Rabbinical courts, violating basic human rights such as the right to privacy, dignity, autonomy and freedom from the religion of the people affected. You can read more about it in this Haaretz article.



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