The Rackman Center held the annual Moot Court last week

The Rackman Center held the annual Moot Court last week, where the students from our Lawyers of Tomorrow Program prepare a court case and represent the client with real judges.

This year’s topic was ‘Mine-Mine, Yours – and Mine!’ and examined the possibility of cancelling a divorce agreement where extortion was used.

The trial was held before a distinguished panel:

Rabbi Honorable Justice Neil Hendel, from the Supreme Court, Honorable Judge Yael Willner, District Court, and Honorable Judge Zvi Weizman, the Central District Court.

The judges ruled unanimously in favor of the plaintiff woman and canceled the part of the agreement that discriminated against and extorted the woman.

We thank the distinguished judges for coming, and thank Orit Dror Harel for her professional guidance, Adi Raz, director of the Rackman Center Clinic for organizing the mock trial, and all the students for their hard work in making it a success.



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