we need your support – the rackman center’s crowdfunding campaign


For the first time since Rabbi and Ruth Rackman established the Rackman Center in 2001, we need you.
The Center’s work protects women’s rights in Israel by allowing them to exit a marriage at will. In Israel, marriage and divorce is governed by religious law, which requires the husband’s consent to dissolve a marriage. This leaves plenty of opportunities for rights violations and extortion.
We are the only organization that provides complete, all inclusive support for women in divorce: legal representation before the civil and religious courts, legal advice and emotional support. This is complimented by policy work at the Knesset to protect women’s rights in family law and conferences to educate decision makers, lawyers and judges on matters concerning women in family law.
The Center achieves great annual impact by:
-Representing 40 cases pro-bono
-Providing legal advice to 600 women
-Providing emotional support to 100 women
-Preparing and submitting 6 bills to the Israeli legislature
-5 publications and 2 conferences for decision makers and family law professionals
Every donation will be matched.



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