Last Thursday (23.7.17), we participated in a panel discussion on the issue of the service of women in the IDF – gender segregation and "proper integration" in cooperation with the Center for Jewish and Democratic Law.

Prof. Ruth Halperin Kaddari was the panel moderator. She said, "The IDF finds itself in a head-on collision between the direction of the soldiers, the officers and the religious in the IDF, and in opening up positions for women, the increase in their willingness to integrate into these positions, including religious soldiers, and the opening of more mixed service for soldiers. This is just like the issues faced in Israel as a society – the issue of religion versus state, Haredim versus secular and versus religious Zionism, feminism versus conservatism, ultra-Orthodox integration in society, integration of minority communities against the attempt to rule minority norms on the majority, integration versus segregation…"